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Allergic to Cold?

Morning routine: I always put on Good Morning America to catch up on news and have something in the background as I get ready for work. As I am getting my lunch together, I heard a story about two young children who were allergic to cold weather. Before the whole story was told, I couldn’t help but self diagnose myself with the same allergy. I thought to myself, I definitely have this and I completely understand how someone could be allergic to the cold-I HATE THE COLD!!

These 2 children were diagnosed with cold urticaria, an allergy to cold temperatures where hives form on the skin after being exposed to any kind of cold temperature. It’s actually a pretty serious allergy, my heart went out to these 2 girls, and I came to the conclusion that I am not suffering from this allergy, I’m just a nut who hates cold weather–Summer can’t come quick enough!!

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