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Need a Fake Phone Number? Get the Burner App


You know those nights when you’re out at a bar and you meet a nice guy or girl and even though you had a good time you’re just not sure if you are interested enough to talk to them again?  And then of course what happens, they ask you for your digits.  I hate being rude so I always ended up giving out my number.

My friends would always yell at me and tell me to just make one up.  As much as they were right that never worked for me anyway.  For some reason the guys I would meet always seemed to like to call and leave me a voicemail while I was still standing next to them!  Ugh.  Weirdo red flag right there and hence the reason I didn’t want to give it out in first place.  But since I’m too nice for my own good and I just didn’t want to get caught, I ended up giving my number to complete strangers and now they have my real phone number.  Not a good idea.

Well good thing there is now an app called Burner that will create a false phone number for your iPhone or Android phone.  The way it works is you just download the app, select your area code and then activate your fake number.  Then when you give out your fake number and that person calls you, it redirects them to your real phone.  Burner displays your fake number on other people’s caller IDs, records voicemails and missed calls.  And it even works for texting too.

burner app

So now without people having your real number you can screen your calls with discretion.  No more random drunk dials six months later from some guy named Franz you met one crazy night in the city.  Burner offers disposable numbers by the day, week, month and once you’re done with it you can burn the number off your phone as it never existed.  And you can have multiple burners (numbers) if you need to.  The app is now available to download for free and it comes with one burner.

I first thought, besides my acceptable reason for deception (since it would be used to prevent hurting someone’s feelings oh course), what appropriate reason would you need a fake number for?  But then I realized it could come in handy in many other situations especially when you want to keep your identity private.  Like when you sell something on Craigslist, or on your resume when you are searching for a job, on your social networking sites, and even when filing out online informational forms.

I’m sure there will be creeps who will use this app so on the flip side be aware this could be used against you as well.  So I’m curious, what would you use Burner for?

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